Business Operational Terms & Conditions

•   All bookings are secured with a £100 non-refundable deposit with the remaining balance being paid 6 weeks prior to the event.  Bookings cancelled before the hire date incur the full hire charge.    We will always endeavour to accommodate clients on an alternative date but this cannot be guaranteed.

•   Lewis Lee Ice Cream will serve your chosen flavours of ice creams to you and your guests at your selected venue on the date and time as agreed in advance.  Chosen ice cream flavours are subject to availability.  Should any variety of ice cream be unavailable a suitable replacement will be chosen.

•   It is your responsibility to notify your venue and/or wedding planner that you have booked us. We are happy to liaise with them if they have any questions.

•   We will normally arrive half an hour before service time to liaise with a member of staff to set up.

•   Travel and VAT are included in your price unless otherwise stated.

•   Please advise us at the time of booking of any specific dietary requirements.

•   When booking with us, you are booking the agreed number of guests/package, date and service time.

•   In the unlikely event due to unforeseen circumstances (such as heavy traffic, accident) that we are unable to reach your venue by the agreed time, we will contact you en-route and your service will commence once we have arrived and set up.

•   Whilst we take every measure to ensure our vehicles and machinery are maintained and kept in full working order, unfortunately there may be an occasion (such as breakdowns, etc) where we are unable to fulfil our agreement. Should an alternative vehicle be available we will offer this is an agreed alternative. Should this not be suitable we will ensure you are refunded any amount paid to us for which you have not received the full service.

•   In the event of bad weather conditions, such as ice / snow we will assess the situation on the forthcoming day and communicate with you as to whether the vehicles will be able to attend. We will always endeavour to fulfil our agreement.


Ice Cream Van Hire

•   Please make sure you have permission from your venue for your chosen ice cream van to attend.  If we are refused entry you may lose your booking.

•   Charlie and Pennie are private hire vehicles, we do not have a street licence, please make sure you make arrangements with your venue for the ice cream van to be parked on private land, that does not block a pedestrian right of way, endanger your guests or block a road.  We will not be able to carry out your booking if legal parking arrangements have not been organised and you will not be refunded.

•   Brides and grooms who would like to have their photo taken inside an ice cream van do so at their own risk and we cannot be held responsible for any marks or damage that occurs to clothing during this action.

•   Please advise us at the time of booking of any access requirements. The ice cream vans are a fair size and both weigh around 3 tons, although both have power assisted steering they will need room to manoeuvre. We therefore reserve the right to refuse any request which may put the driver or vehicle at risk.