Frequently Asked Questions…

Whether you’re hiring Charlie or Pennie for your wedding, party or event, it’s likely that you’ll have a few things you want to ask us.

Although we’re happy to answer your questions directly, please read our FAQs before emailing, as we may have an answer for you right here!

How long do you serve for?

It depends on the size of your event or party, and the number of guests we’re catering for but it can be anything from 60 minutes to a few hours.

Do we need power?

No! All our vans are self-powered.

Can we take photos?

Yes, of course we encourage it! Although we can’t invite everyone into the vans for a photo opportunity, the bride, groom or guest of honour can come on in and get their photo taken whilst they serve their guests! we feel that all of our Vehicles provide the perfect backdrop for that unique photo opportunity!

Can we get in the van?

Brides, grooms and guests of honour are welcome to join us in the van for a photo and why not even have a go at serving your guests…!

What ice creams and lollies do you serve?

Whippy Treats: 99’s, screwballs, Oysters, Birds nests, Popeyes are just a few options available from the ice cream machine.

Toppings: Strawberry, Chocolate, Bubblegum and Lime sauces. Sugar strands, Chopped nuts and the iconic Cadbury flake of course!

Ice Cream Flavours: An alternative to the traditional soft ice cream, Lemon ice, Bubblegum and Chocolate.

Ice Lollies: Cherry Brandy, Apple cider, Lemonade, Orange,  Cola, Bubblegum. Other lollies are available.

Slush: Delicious Blue raspberry or Strawberry flavour Slush.

Do you offer ice creams for different dietary requirements?

We will always do our best to cater for any dietary or allergy requirements. Please contact us directly to find out which ice creams and lollies will be suitable.

How many ice creams do we get?

We price our ice cream van hire on the number of people. This includes at least one ice cream per person But, we know some guests have a sweet tooth and can’t resist coming back for more, so within reason seconds are available…

Will we get the ice cream chimes when you turn up?

Yes! It wouldn’t be an ice cream van experience without them. If we’re surprising your guests then we can park up around the corner from your venue and put the chimes on at the perfect time to call your guests out for ice cream! We’ll work with you to agree the perfect time, or prompt, to put them on.

We also like to leave with the chimes ringing, so you can wave us goodbye!

Do we have to pay a deposit?

Yes, most of our bookings require a deposit to secure the date:

Weddings: All weddings require a £100 booking deposit to secure the booking, with final payment due 6 weeks before your wedding day.

Parties: All parties require full payment in advance to ensure the chosen date and time is secured. If you have more than 100 guests at your party a deposit payment can be arranged.

Corporate: We can invoice for the full amount in advance or post event, options are available.

Do all your van’s have a food safety certificate?

Yes! We adhere to all health and food safety regulations and we display our certificates inside the vans. If you want to check our certification or view our insurance or 5* food hygiene rating documents, please send us an enquiry through our contact form.

What’s the best way to book?

Contact us here or call Dona on 07472 278118 and we can get to know you, your event and provide a personalised quote. If you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll get you booked in!

Where can I find out more about the Lewis Lee Ice Cream?

You can find out about our company history on the about page.